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Day Care Franchise FAQ

  • Why Join Our Preschool / Daycare Franchise?

    At Discovery Point, we offer an exceptional alternative to other daycare and child care services throughout the nation. Our successful business model, unrivaled franchisee support system, and whole-child approach make us a unique and preferred choice for many parents and franchisees as well! Discovery Point is a solid investment that can stimulate your career and provide professional gratification. This is a turnkey package well worth investigating as a potential franchisee. After all, the need for quality child care centers and daycare services far exceeds the supply of it, creating a wide open market for success. We have proven our franchise model successful in the last 20+ years.

  • Is Discovery Point Growing?

    Yes! We currently have new sites under development, even in challenging economic times. Our plans call for expansion into the following U.S. markets: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Texas. The childcare sector will continue to grow, creating new jobs and higher wages, exceeding all other industries combined according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With both single-parent and dual-income households on the rise, there is plenty of more room for growth here at Discovery Point.

  • Where Are Discovery Point Franchises Available?

    Over the last few years, our focus has been throughout Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee. We are currently expanding into Alabama, North Carolina, and Texas. We are open to exploring other areas and will discuss your interest in other states.

  • Do I Need Prior Child Development Experience?

    Previous child development experience is welcomed, but not a requirement. Discovery Point Franchisees come from diverse backgrounds. Some are former teachers or school administrators; others are experienced entrepreneurs, while some are former executives who have chosen to invest a severance package or retirement fund into an exciting new career. What these franchise owners share is enthusiasm, a commitment to success, and a love for children and community.

  • Will I Receive Training & Support from Discovery Point?

    Absolutely! Discovery Point provides four full weeks of intensive training before your site opens, as well as ongoing, customized support. You can expect assistance with site selection, financing, construction, state licensing, day-to-day operations, and much more. Our experienced support team will allow you to focus on making your new business a success.

  • Will the Changes to the SBA Loan Process Help New Discovery Point Franchisees?

    The Small Business Association (SBA) has announced that they are making changes to their loan process to provide significantly more capital at a more affordable cost to small businesses. Since most of our franchisees utilize some form of SBA loans, these changes will make Discovery Point Child Development Centers more affordable than ever!

  • How Do I Get an SBA Loan for Discovery Point?

    Discovery Point appears on the SBA Registry. To gain approval, Discovery Point submitted detailed operational and financial information, including the current FDD, to the SBA for review and approval as a Nationally Approved SBA Franchise Concept. New Franchisees benefit from an expedited loan process when they apply for SBA financing. Local and national banks gain confidence in making the SBA-backed loan when the franchised concept is listed on the Registry.

    Discovery Point Franchising, Inc. is committed to assisting individuals in obtaining the most cost-effective financing available today. The SBA offers loan programs that are a strong fit for the Discovery Point Franchise investment and capital requirements, which include the land, building, equipment package and working capital. The SBA loan terms and interest rates are highly favorable and offer a tremendous financing source for our new Franchisees.

  • What Are Typical Center Hours? How Many Children Can Be Served?

    Minimum operating hours are 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. With the exception of seven holidays, we are open year-round. Our franchise owners typically license their facilities to serve 225 children.

  • How Are Child Development Rates Determined?

    We will assist with market research to determine rates; however, individual franchise owners set their own pricing.

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