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Those who are looking to make a career change or pursue an occupation that is both personally and professionally gratifying would be hard-pressed to find an opportunity better than Discovery Point. Child care is one of the steadiest industries in our economy. Discovery Point simplifies the start-up process for you so that you can enjoy the rewards of being your own boss while owning a thriving child care center! With over 20 years of proven success in the child care industry, Discovery Point has an exceptional support team available for each and every franchisee. Quality childcare is always in demand as hardworking parents look for a program that doesn’t just babysit their children, but helps them develop a foundation for future success.

For more information about our franchising options and start-up process, call Discovery Point at (888) 249-8427!

Franchising Options

As a franchisee, you have several options for your center. Each option is fully supported by our Discovery Point team. We can capably guide you through the process that is right for you.

The following are three options for a Discovery Point franchise:

  • Building a center on new property
  • Building a center on a pre-qualified site
  • Purchasing an existing child care franchise center

Your choice will affect the amount of time that passes between when you are accepted as a franchisee and when you are able to run your own center.

Building a Center on a New Property

Should you decide to invest in a completely new center on new property, the process will take approximately 14 months from beginning to your grand opening.

The following are the steps to building a center on new property:

  • Step One: Submit your qualification form and begin a background check (1-2 weeks).
  • Step Two: Execute the franchise agreement (1-2 months).
  • Step Three: Find and approve your location (4-5 months).
  • Step Four: Secure financing (1-2 months).
  • Step Five: Construction (4-5 months).
  • Step Six: Begin operation training (4 weeks).
  • Step Seven: Begin operating your own center!

Although building a brand new center takes longer than other options would, you have the satisfaction of owning both the building and the property and of having been a part of the process from step one to step seven.

Join an Industry Leading Child Care Franchise

At Discovery Point, we have never increased the quantity of centers without having the resources to ensure that the quality remains the same. Each franchisee is provided with exceptional support during the development of their center, and beyond! We simplify the start-up process for you so that you are able to focus on marketing and developing your center into a thriving business that gives back to the community through exceptional childcare services.

To learn more about our exciting education franchise opportunity, call us at (888) 249-8427 or fill out the form!

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